Coronavirus is Real and We are taking it serious here at Disaster Clean-Up

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We are staying open as an “Essential Business” to respond to Disinfecting & Emergency calls:

Coronavirus is real and we are taking it serious here at Property Restoration, Inc. While we know some of the facts around the virus, we do not know all of them. 

  1. It can last up to 9 days or more on hard surfaces.
  2. It is recommended to keep all surfaces clean.
  3. Spraying and Disinfecting to follow on a clean surface has best results.
  4. Using an EPA approved product is essential.
  5. Can air out in 24 hours, this is still and unknown.

Property Restoration, Inc. is following all Biohazard regulations. We have the experience of handling Trauma losses with our Certified Trauma Clean-up Technicians.

Please note there are two separate circumstances.

  1. No occurrence of coronavirus.
  2. An occurrence of the virus has been identified in your facility.

We will evaluate and identify the best protocol to respond to your situation.

We follow the CDC and DOH guidelines, while working closely with third party environmental consultant.

Call us for further information. 607-748-0128