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ReconstructionDisaster Clean Up is a Full Service Insurance approved Restoration Contractor. We work with Residential and Commercial owners to return your property to pre-loss condition. Our team of highly trained professionals is uniquely experienced in reconstruction, repair and rebuilding of private, commercial and industrial sites of any size. We provide a full range of reconstruction services dealing with all phases of restoration from start to finish. Utilizing state-of-the-art technologies, and carefully developed procedures, Disaster Clean Up can efficiently and effectively respond to “Disasters”, large and small.

Fire, wind, mold, or water related damage to your home or commercial building can be overwhelming. Faced with the ensuing repairs can sometimes be just as traumatic. The goal of Disaster Clean Up is to return a home or business to its pre-loss condition with a minimum of hassle by providing reliable, responsive, quality restoration services.

Selecting Disaster Clean Up to do the job start to finish puts you ahead. Normal run of the mill Construction Companies do not have the experience we have to understand and know what really needs to be replaced. In the case of a fire, just because it looks good on the surface doesn’t mean it doesn’t need replacing. We understand those needs and concerns. One-Stop “Shopping”. When you only have one company to deal with, you benefit from single source accountability.

When on site, our main goal is to take care of our customer's immediate needs and to mitigate further potential loss. Disaster Clean Up has many years of industry experience in estimating, mitigating and repairing losses. Disaster Clean Up approaches each project with a fair and consistent evaluation. We work with you and your Insurance Adjuster to make the process run smoothly. We use the newest technology and techniques. We insure an accurate account of damages, coupled with a quicker settlement time which translates into getting the insured back on track to their pre-loss condition sooner.

Disaster Clean Up provides 24-hour emergency service with the ability to respond to all emergency calls within 30 minutes. Our emergency team will be on the job anytime of the day or night to secure the property, prevent further damage, and start you on the road to recovery.

Disaster Clean Up is committed to delivering quality products and excellent customer service, professional craftsmanship and a clean job on time. We will listen to your needs and work with you to rebuild your ideas and wishes.

Disaster Clean Up technicians are Certified. This enables us to deal with all types of insurance mitigation and restoration, from a one-family residential loss to a multimillion-dollar commercial high-rise building.

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